Discount - Warm Wheels  Speedway Hauler  - Clearance Carnival:£18

Discount - Warm Wheels Speedway Hauler - Clearance Carnival:£18

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Discount - Warm Wheels Speedway Hauler - Clearance Carnival:£18 - Hot Wheels Cars

? The Hot Wheels? Speedway Hauler? redefines Hot Tires? storage as well as racing in one quite cool semi-truck that has plenty of unpleasant surprises. Tiny show windows on the trailer display the greater than 20 Hot Tires? autos it may hold, as well as when youngsters pull the back lock, the hauler unravels into a six-foot lengthy racetrack! Remaining vehicles remain obvious under the monitor, while the truck's taxi exchanges a twin launcher that sends out pair of vehicles in an impressive head-to-head fight. The champion proceeds onto the upcoming experience along with monitors that hook up to various other Hot Tires? Area sets (offered independently). The multifunctioning vehicle possesses 3 1:64 incrustation Hot Tires? cars and may keep twenty more (offered individually). It gives never-ending enjoyable for little ones 4 to 8 years of ages. Decorations and different colors may vary.
Warm Wheels? Speedway Hauler?

? The Hot Tires? Speedway Hauler? is actually the utmost all-in-one Hot Tires? package along with many attributes therefore many techniques to participate in !? The extensive semi-truck creates fantastic push-around play on its very own, while likewise serving as storage for approximately 22 cars (marketed individually). And also the 3-in-1 plaything likewise enhances in to a 6-foot lengthy course with a double launcher for affordable auto racing.? Children can easily convert the vehicle's cab in to a dual launcher for multi-car ethnicities along with a reasonable start, and also there's a spectacular trigger attribute by the end of the racing lane that enables the 1st auto to end up while the 2nd car obtains stuck on the path!? A protected lock in the back draws as well as opens up out to generate a 6-foot lengthy course. Remaining automobiles continue to be on show in areas under the keep track of, easy-to-grab when they're contacted us to activity.? Make use of the diverter to keep automobiles back to deal with a brand new opposition or even deliver them down monitors that can link to other Hot Tires? Urban area specifies monitors (offered individually) for prolonged action.? The Hot Tires? carrier car includes 3 Hot Tires? cars and also area to haul even more than 20 (additional autos offered independently).? Little ones 4 to 8 years of ages will love the a lot of fantastic functions of the Hot Tires? Speedway Hauler?-- all-in-one set is actually a great present for those only getting in the Hot Tires? world or even for those hoping to showcase their collection.SKU #: GVG37


Discount - Warm Wheels Speedway Hauler - Clearance Carnival:£18 Discount - Warm Wheels Speedway Hauler - Clearance Carnival:£18